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I started painting in 1981, at which time I named my business Anna's Frame of Mind and it has stayed that for all these years.  When I started I was painting on glass.  Then I progressed to canvas, then wood.  In general, I would paint on anything that would stand still long enough to get some paint on it.  I feel I have found my niche in life because I love it so.  Also because it seems to please so many others that have received my items as gifts or have purchased them for themselves.

In 1983 I participated in a project, along with 2000 others, to paint Christmas Ornaments to decorate a tree at the Smithsonian Institute in tribute to Decorative painting.  Altogether 361 members from 43 states, Canada and Saudi Arabia were selected, mine being one of them.  In 2005 I was also selected to have an ornament hang in the Library of Congress.  Also in 2005, I was published in Decorative Artists Workbook with an article about the guest bedroom in our home that I painted to look like a garden, picket fence and all.

In 2008, at an art convention, I painted a Telephone Insulator.  I was hooked.  I thought they were great fun and the public seemed to take to them right off.  So I started painting them and made that part of my business, sort of a subsidiary, and called it Insulator Art.  I thought that anyone looking for insulators and Googled them would find them easier if I called it by that name.

I hope that you will enjoy browsing my site and find that you would like to own some of the unique artwork displayed here.

     The package arrived today all safe and sound.  You did an excellent packing job!  I must say that I was very surprised when I opened the boxes.  The photos you posted online looked great, but they pale in comparison to seeing these things in person.  You have taken pedestrian, industrial supplies and through imagination and talent have created unique and impressive works of art.  I don't even feel comfortable calling these pieces "insulators".  That function has long passed, and they have been transformed into decorative heirlooms that I will pass down to my kids and grandkids.  I can't express how impressed I am with your work!  Once again, I am VERY pleased with these items, and I fully expect that I will order more from you at some point in the future.  Chris C. Maine


Anna,received package today in the mail and what an AWESOME !!!! insulator. You do a TOP NOTCH job of painting. An artist you are at that.

My mother I feel will be very surprised and I know she doesn't have a Christmas Ornament like this one.

I want to THANK YOU so very much and will keep you in mind and have your business card.

Been my pleasure doing business with you.  Barry S.  Iowa



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